MEO Sudoeste - Official webite - Zambujeira do Mar

2-6 August


southwest coast, portugal



HP novas datasHP novas datasNEW DATES <p>Campsite opens July 30.</p>[{"title":"2RD TO 6TH AUGUST 2022","url":"/en/PublishingImages/new-dates-msw-2022-slideshow-xl.png","link":"","target":null,"type":"imageXL","is3d":false},{"title":"2RD TO 6TH AUGUST 2022","url":"/en/PublishingImages/new-dates-msw-2022-slideshow-l.png","link":"","target":null,"type":"imageL","is3d":false},{"title":"2RD TO 6TH AUGUST 2022","url":"/en/PublishingImages/new-dates-msw-2022-slideshow-m.png","link":"","target":null,"type":"imageM","is3d":false},{"title":"2RD TO 6TH AUGUST 2022","url":"/en/PublishingImages/new-dates-msw-2022-slideshow-s.png","link":"","target":null,"type":"imageS","is3d":false}][{"text":"","url":"","type":"plusButton","backgroundColor":"none","textColor":"white","icon":"internal","modal":"false","isDisabled":false}]1THE 2ND TO 6TH OF AUGUST 2022[{"title":"","backgroundColor":"magenta","customBackgroundColor":"","textColor":"white","isMultiLabel":false}][][][{"videoImageUrl":"","videoTitle":"","videoUrl":"","videoTarget":"","videoWidth":"","videoHeight":"","videoType":"videoXL","videoIsEmbed":false}][]



HP comunicado novas datas 2022HP comunicado novas datas 202224th MEO SUDOESTE POSTPONED TO 2022<h6><strong>Campsite opens July 30</strong></h6><p></p><p>Dear Tribe,</p><p>We miss you so much. We miss Zambujeira do Mar, camping, the beach, and especially your smiles and the sound of your applause at concerts… A year ago we never imagined that we would have to give this news again, but it still cannot be in 2021 that the Tribe reunites. </p><p>This is an extraordinarily difficult decision. Over the past few months, we have worked together with the Health Authorities and representatives of the sector, on measures that could allow the return of the summer festivals in safety. However, the rules for holding major events are not yet known, nor the response to the contingency plan that we have drawn up in collaboration with the Portuguese Red Cross, and being only a month away from the scheduled dates, and given the time needed for the preparation and field work, it becomes impossible to carry out the Festival this year, forcing us to postpone, once again, the 24th edition of MEO Sudoeste, to August 2nd to 6th, 2022.</p><p>We have waited for as long as we could because we are aware of how much impact this decision has on the lives of all the artists and professionals involved, our sponsors and partners, the local economy, and our festival goers, who are longing for the return of everything the COVID-19 pandemic has been taking away from us. To all of you, our biggest and most sincere thank you!</p><p>If you have a ticket for 2020 or 2021, it remains valid for the new sates in 2022, without the need to exchange or issue a new ticket. If you want a refund, you can request it within 14 working days after the date foreseen for the Festival in 2021, in accordance with the <a href="" title="Portuguese Decree-Law no. 26-A / 2021 of April 5 2021" target="_blank">Portuguese Decree-Law no. 26-A / 2021 of April 5 2021</a>. You can find all info <a href="/en/tickets/common-questions" target="_blank">here</a>.</p><p>After 2 years without being able to carry out our MEO Sudoeste, it is an invaluable contribution if you decide to keep your ticket using it in 2022. In this way, you will be helping an industry that is going through a very difficult time.</p><p>On our side, we are already working to be able to give you news of the line-up soon, and we will continue to work with the same commitment and motivation as always. We can't wait to meet again in Zambujeira do Mar and celebrate together, in the biggest holiday week ever!</p>[{"title":"","url":"","link":"","target":null,"type":"detail","is3d":false}][{"text":"FAQs New Dates 2022","url":"/en/tickets/common-questions","type":"outlinebutton","backgroundColor":"none","textColor":"black","icon":"internal","modal":"false","isDisabled":false}]1NEW DATES: August 2 to 6, 2022[{"title":"","backgroundColor":"magenta","customBackgroundColor":"","textColor":"white","isMultiLabel":false}][][][{"videoImageUrl":"","videoTitle":"","videoUrl":"","videoTarget":"","videoWidth":"","videoHeight":"","videoType":"videoXL","videoIsEmbed":false}][]



Best of 2019HP best of 2018 mosaicoHP best of 2018 mosaico[{"title":"Best of 2019","url":"/PublishingImages/hp/best-of-mosaico-l.jpg","link":"","target":null,"type":"imageL","is3d":false},{"title":"Best of 2019","url":"/PublishingImages/hp/best-of-mosaico-m.jpg","link":"","target":null,"type":"imageM","is3d":false}][{"text":"","url":"/en/festival/last-editions","type":"plusButton","backgroundColor":"none","textColor":"white","icon":"internal","modal":"false","isDisabled":false}]1[{"title":"","backgroundColor":"magenta","customBackgroundColor":"","textColor":"white","isMultiLabel":false}][][][{"videoImageUrl":"","videoTitle":"","videoUrl":"","videoTarget":"","videoWidth":"","videoHeight":"","videoType":"videoXL","videoIsEmbed":false}][]

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