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Twin brothers Diogo and Rodrigo plus Gabi got together not too long ago, but their chemistry proved to be so clear that success was … Saber mais


Chance led Francisco Murta to the piano, and step by step he found an interest in music that never again left him. Nowadays, he … Saber mais


Originally from Porto, Macaia grew up in a church choir musical environment. As a performer, he has grown musically whilst on the road with … Saber mais

Mike Lyte

Miguel Luz plays under the moniker Mike Lyte, and is one of the most promising musicians coming out of Portugal. He first got noticed … Saber mais


X-tense first got to know hiphop at the end of the 90’s, with the release of Sam The Kid’s “Entre(Tanto)” and Boss AC’s “Manda … Saber mais


Spliff is a producer and rapper from Madorna, and is part of the “M75” collective, along with Dillaz, Zeca and Vulto. He entered the … Saber mais


Sippinpurpp is the new wonder kid of portuguese trap. With a peculiar and provocative approach, Purpp has gathered a loyal fan base and his … Saber mais

Lon3r Johny

The buzz around Lon3r Johny came from Soundcloud. Having released many songs before, he made his debut for Think Music with the tracks “CrystalCastle” … Saber mais

Chong Kwong

Chong Kwong grew up surrounded by music and rhythm, following her grandfather’s advice: “By understanding you roots, soon you will comprehend the need to … Saber mais


Roberto Ventura, A.K.A. Menino de Ouro (MDO), is a singer and composer born in Benguela, Angola. He has lived in Portugal since 2000. It … Saber mais


Átoa started making music recklessly, whenever they wanted and without great ambition. Today they defined two clear goals for the band: to make good … Saber mais

Mi Casa

When we hear Mi Casa, we get the feeling that dance music has never sounded this original, fresh and captivating. Mi Casa is a … Saber mais


Biya likes to speak about love, especially self-love. With a happy-go-lucky attitude, she doesn't desire to be seen, but to be heard. It all … Saber mais

João Moniz

João Moniz, 24, was born in Ponta da Graça, a part of São Miguel Island in Azores, and he has always been passionate about … Saber mais


After her impressive career as Buraka Som Sistema’s vocalist, Blaya adds up and carries on her solo carer. Born in Brazil, she has been … Saber mais

Joss Stone

Joss Stone has been obsessed with soul music since childhood. When she was a teenager, her only wish was to improve her vocal skills … Saber mais

Wet Bed Gang

Wet Bed Gang are a fine example of how well portuguese hip-hop is doing. This band, composed by Zara G, GSon, Kroa and Zizzy, … Saber mais


At this very moment, Kura is the only Portuguese with a signed contract with Spinnin Records, the world’s largest EDM label, and he is … Saber mais

Vini Vici

When two of the top talents on the Israeli electronic scene come together, the result couldn’t be more exciting. When Aviram Saharai and Matan … Saber mais

Rita Ora

Whenever we think of pop stars, of women capable to focus the world’s attention on their own talent, we think of a very limited … Saber mais

Carolina Deslandes

Carolina Deslandes is one of the names that proves the vitality in Portuguese pop music. Her fascination for the stages began at a very … Saber mais

Jimmy P

Jimmy P was born in the 80’s. Son of Angolan parents (his father, Jorge Plácido, was a soccer star), Jimmy P has Africa running … Saber mais

Years & Years

Years and Years were born in 2010 when Michael Goldsworthy and Emre Türkmen met online and decided to form a band. Shortly after, Olly … Saber mais

Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki  was born in Miami and grew up in California. Aoki is a Japanese descendent (his father was a wrestler). He was always … Saber mais

Vitor Kley

After conquering the Brazilian audience with the song “O Sol”, Vitor Kley is already one of the most relevant names in Brazilian’s new music. … Saber mais

Post Malone

Austin Richard Post, also known as Post Malone is considered to be one of the most popular hip-hop artists in the world nowadays. His … Saber mais


Larissa de Macedo Machado was born, creating Anitta for the world – an authentic hurricane from Brazil who is leaving her track a little … Saber mais


With a particular work process, Russ released 11 albums and 87 singles in Soundcloud – all of this only between 2011 and 2014. In … Saber mais

Timmy Trumpet

Timmy Trumpet is one of the most unique names one can find in the DJ Mag Top 100. With several awards and many albums sold, … Saber mais


The musician grew up in Zone 6 of the city of Atlanta which is his main influence for his art, hence the spiritual importance … Saber mais